Brady Joins Outrage in Murder of George Floyd

We must confront the systemic racism that drives police violence and gun violence as a whole.

Activists from BYP100, (Black Youth Project 100), at a June 2016 rally and speakout against gun violence.

Statement by Brady President Kris Brown:

As a white woman, and as the head of a national organization with historically white leadership, Brady and I, along with all white Americans, must be candid in acknowledging our privilege and role in a society founded on white supremacy, and we must be clear in our responsibility to challenge that ideology and align with those working to build a just and equal society.

Statement by Brady Constitutional Litigation Counsel Kelly Sampson:

George Floyd lived in a country that did not recognize, value, or protect his life.

This violence, racism, and facile leadership stands in contrast to the many national voices that have spoken clearly about the racist systems that facilitated George Floyd’s murder.

We’re uniting Americans from coast to coast, red and blue and every color, to end gun violence.

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